10 Inch OffBoard® Rat Guard

OFFBOARD™ is a spring-loaded device created to lock onto your mooring lines to keep the critters off board.

This is an instruction video for the 10 inch shield for boats under 26 feet in length. 

Adobe Acrobat Instruction Documents:

15 Inch OffBoard® Rat Guard

This is an instruction video for the 15 inch shield for boats that have mooring lines 1/2 to 1 inch in circumference.

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Instruction Documents:

Upgrade Kit for 15" Inserts

Instructions for the ¾ Inch Loose Insert Problem

Because we never know the exact diameter of your mooring line, we provide four inserts that fit in one end of the door. These inserts, once attached via two dovetails in the door, reduce the size of the center hole based on the diameter of the mooring line. If the mooring line was a ½ inch diameter, the insert for a ½ line is used. Other inserts for 5/8” line, 3/4 inch line and 7/8 inch line are provided. A one inch line does not need an insert. The Upgrade Kit consists of a new door, four new inserts and the connecting screw shown here.



17 Inch OffBoard® Rat Guard

This is an instruction video for the 17 inch shield for larger boats and yachts supporting mooring lines up to 2.5 inches in circumference.  For 2 1/2 inch line size, an insert is not needed. 

 Adobe Acrobat Instruction Documents:

Warranty & Instructions

Foothills Products Rat Guard

Foothills Products, Inc. Warranty and Instuctions for OffBoard Rat Guards

General Warranty and Instructions for Use for all OFFBOARD® Rat Guards.