About Us


In founding Foothills Products, Inc., we had the following objectives:

  1. All components are to be manufactured in the Denver metro area. Rather than developing expertise internally, we reached out to other small businesses that have the expertise that we needed to be successful.
  2. All assembly is to be done at the Foothills Products location or outsourced to Platt River Industries in Denver. Platt River Industries is a not-for-profit company that hires the disabled, trains them and provides for their special needs.
  3. All marketing materials are printed locally and we rely on the expertise of those in the graphic arts.
  4. All accessories are created and assembled locally by highly skilled individuals that have their own businesses.
  5. All packing and shipping materials are to be manufactured locally. Currently Denver Container Corporation and its skilled employers provide this support.

Our History

In 2002, we introduced our 10 inch Vermin Shield and tote storage bag at the Denver Boat Show. These shields attach to the boat’s mooring lines or utility cables to prevent mice, rats, and other critters from gaining access to the boat or house. The target market for this shield is boats under 26 feet and using mooring line less than ½ inch in diameter. Later we registered the trademark “OFFBoard”. Our Corporate motto is “Don’t Let Pests be Guests”.

In 2004, we added the 15 inch Vermin Shield to our inventory to support the requirements by yacht and houseboat owners for a larger shield that could also support larger mooring line sizes up to one inch in diameter. We also introduced a large tote bag that could accommodate four shields.

In 2006, we expanded our product line by introducing a 17 inch Vermin Shield in response to requests from large yacht and mega-yacht owners. This shield supports mooring line sizes from 1 ½ to 2 ½ inch diameter. Mega-yachts up to 240 ft are using our Shields.

In 2006 our Corporate Headquarters, after experiencing an extended cable outage switched to satellite service. Because our Headquarters is at 7,500 feet elevation we are subjected to heavy snow and ice storms during the winter months and hot sun during the summer. Discovering that snow collecting on the face of the dish would disable the reception, we experimented with various solutions. Later in the year we upgraded to high definition or HD service.

In 2007 we began experiments with satellite covers in a search for a material that provided durability, operated well in different weather conditions, had UV resistance while still maintaining signal clearly that is needed for HD service. In addition, we experimented with technologies that attach the cover to the dish. Our requirements included, multiple connections so that there was no single point of failure, UV resistance, easy to install and not requiring any special tools.

In 2008 we filed patents on a satellite cover for satellite HD dishes. We created a new Division to manufacture and market the satellite dish cover with its own web site. The cover allows the satellite signal to continue to operate in adverse weather conditions and has proven reliable over non-covered satellite HD Dishes. Covers for both DIRECTV® and Dish Network® HD Satellite dishes in a variety of colors are available. Our motto is “Snowed in, but still Connected”.

Who We Are

Foothills Products, Inc. is a veteran owned Colorado “S” Corporation located in Evergreen, Colorado and founded in 2001 to manufacture and market OFFBoard® Rat Shields, Satellite Dish Covers and associated accessories.

Our products are American-made and we stand by our reputation - Call Us Now.  Whenever possible we try to ship within 24 hours.