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Satellite Dish Covers

Our Satellite Dish Covers significantly reduce snow accumulation and satellite service interruption.  We make Covers for DIRECTV® and Dish Network® and Bell Canada Express VU Satellite Systems in a variety of colors using a highly durable fabric intended for outdoor use that also has significant fade resistant properties.  Our Satellite Covers are designed to operate well in diverse weather conditions, maximize snow slippage, reduce build up and retain satellite signal. In addition, our Covers are attached to dish by multiple connections so that there was no single point of failure.


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DIRECTV® Satellite Covers
Dish Network
Dish Network Satellite Cover
Bell Canada Express
Bell Canada Express Satellite Cover
HughesNet Satellite Cover
HughesNet Satellite Cover

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Foothills Satellite Dish Cover

Our Satellite Covers:.

  • Allow the signal to continue to operate in adverse weather conditions and has proven very reliable over non-covered satellite dishes.
  • In snow storms where the snow is light and dry it frequently slips off the surface of the Cover.
  • In snow storms with heavy, wet snow and ice build-up our Cover keeps the ice from freezing to the steel dish and interrupting service because there is a gap between the satellite cover and the surface of the dish.The satellite signal penetrates the Cover in snow accumulation as deep as 6-8 inches.
  • In heavy snow accumulation HD service may be affected but not regular TV signals.
  • As soon as the sun emerges the snow melts or slips off early in the morning; unless it is extremely cold.
  • Installation is easy and does not require specialized tools.

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