Carried by the US Navy,US Coast Guard and NOAA Vessels.

Value Added For Government Applications

Our OFFBoard® Rat Guards offer more protection and better performance than our competitors.

Foothills Products has outfitted the numerous US Coast Guard ships, tugs, cutters, barques, Naval ships and NOAA vessels with our OFFBoard® 15" and 17" Rat Guards. For more photos and information on these ships, click here.

If you are a government purchaser and would like to order our products using System Award for Management ( click here. Our GAGE code is 4NWN1. You can also order by emailing Art Onweller or faxing (303-670-5061) a Purchase Requisition. We will then provide a quote.

OFFBoard® Rat Guard Benefits

  • - Stops vermin (rats, mice, iguanas, etc.) from traversing mooring lines by presenting a uniform barrier.
  • - Made of Polypropylene with stainless steel components. The stainless steel spring door opens and closes easily making installation and removal ideal.
  • - Uses adjustable inserts for the shield opening from 1/2 in. to 2.5 inches to support five different mooring line sizes.
  • - They do not damage mooring lines.
  • - Grips stay perpendicular to the line even when the line is in water. It stays closed and in place.
  • - They are flat and light weight for easier storage and handling. It will also float if dropped in the water.
  • - They are inexpensive!